If your child has no words and cannot care for herself, imagine what her future would look like.

Imagine the worry and fear that will engulf you as a parent, when you think about if you were to die and leave her here.

Imagine if your child has some words but couldn’t quite make sense of the world as it is, and the world makes a mockery of him and treats him with scorn and disdain.

Imagine the anxiety that you will live with and the worry that will plague you, when you think about having to leave him behind.

Imagine if your child has words but is confined to a wheelchair, how difficult it will be to get around, much less work and have a good life.

Imagine what it can look like if our society believes that people with disabilities are humans, and we create systems that will allow people with disabilities to live, not like charity cases or rejects, but like humans, with access to all amenities across their lifespan.

Imagine if a leader in our country decides that this is important.

Cause An Effect is a seven-year old legally registered, for-purpose media facilitation and marketing company, focused on shifting perspectives about disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago, by creating content that humanizes people with disabilities.

We were registered on the 24th June, 2013 as an NGO and our registration number is C201306260420

Vision: An inclusive Trinidad and Tobago, where people with disabilities will be able to live their best lives with dignity and respect, while enjoying adequate Healthcare services across their lifespan, access to Education and the Environment, Work opportunities and Housing.


1. Transform perceptions about disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago, by creating a platform and a space for conversations to develop around problems and issues that face the sector and to find solutions to these problems.

2. Create a for-profit business that will help navigate our organisation to financial independence and create work opportunities for people with disabilities, thereby creating less dependence on the state and private corporations.

3. To build sustainable, assisted-living communities for people with disabilities, where they can live and work in a loving, caring environment after their parents or care-givers pass on.

Our core work is centered around the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Article 8, Awareness and Education building, through the production of educational and awareness-building content such as our print series, video series and a feature film in planning stages about disabilities.

We are spurred on by the presence of our severely disabled son, Isaiah, and our attempt to boldly create a sustainable environment for him and all children like Isaiah in our country.

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